Hita Tenryo Sui (HTS) (300ml) Natural Mineral Water (Still) - Case/24 Bottles

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Rainwater pours into the mountains surrounding the Hita Basin, seeps into the complex various strata, and finally reaches the Hita area. Among them, water drawn from only a few places can be called "Hita Tenryosui water".

"Hita Tenryosui" is natural water taken from the deep underground of the Hita Basin in Oita Prefecture and polished through natural filtration and penetration in various strata. Since water is taken from deep underground where it is not contaminated by surface contamination, it is not subject to any contamination.

Moreover, "Hita Tenryosui" is groundwater formed in ancient times and has been developed over a long period of time. According to an American research institution, "Hita Tenryosui" is groundwater formed approximately 3,600 ± 40 years ago.

"Hita Tenryosui" is soft water with excellent taste and plays many roles in life. Water carries oxygen and nutrients to cells, excretes old waste products, and plays a life-sustaining role. "Hita Tenryosui" pays attention to water quality and provides high-quality natural water every day.