Three Bays (330ml) Natural Mineral Water (Still) - Case/24 Bottles

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Three Bays mineral water emerges 900m below Victoria’s southern coast. Rich in minerals, with a creamy taste and smooth finish, it’s bottled after a 2000-year journey through soil from a 600 million-year-old catchment. Nature’s finest.

Three Bays is water of such outstanding purity that it contains just 0.008 milligrams of nitrate per litre. That’s four times purer than the closest known commercial mineral water brand.

Laden with 1300 mg of mineral content per litre, Three Bays is not only intensely hydrating, it is also the only known mineral water to supply the body with 23 of the 24 minerals considered essential to good health. These include important trace minerals vanadium, selenium, zinc and iodine*, which are extremely difficult to source elsewhere.