antipodes (1L) Natural Mineral Water (Sparkling) - Case/12 Bottles

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The source of antipodes can be found in the North Island’s Bay of Plenty, surrounded by hills, rivers, forest and lakes. The area has never experienced commercial or industrial activity and continues to have extremely low population density – rare in the world of capturing and bottling water.

antipodes has been naturally protected underground for 50-300 years in an artesian aquifer composed of silica rich ignimbrite rock. This source is far beneath the earth’s surface at a depth of 327 metres is the natural home of antipodes. Water is naturally filtered through dense ignimbrite rock, so no chemical cleaning, processing or sterilisation is needed.

antipodes is the world's first carbon zero certified mineral water. All production energy is from 100% renewable sources. Also, carbon emissions are minimised and measured throughout the production and distribution.

Typical Analysis (mg/L)
Calcium             3
Magnesium       2
Sodium              11
Silica                 73
Bicarbonate      35
Potassium         3
Chlorides          7
Sulfates            5