Bottle Recycle


Fonsapor has partnered with Baguio, Government's appointed recycling services provider, in a bottle recycling program. Fonsapor's clients may call for free services to collect empty bottles at your home. You will earn iDollar for every bottle contributed to the program. iDollar can be used to redeem gifts and vouchers. The more bottles you contributed to the program, the greater award you will get.

Steps to participate:

1. Download app: iRecycle and set up your account.

2. Send a Whatsapp message to +852 6300 0133 to book for bottles collection services (at least 10 bottles and no more than 100 bottles each time).

3. Once booking confirmed in Whatsapp, we will go to your designated address to collect bottles within 14 working days.

4. We will count the number of bottles collected at your address and show a QR code. Open the iRecycle app and scan the QR code to earn iDollar. Each bottle contributed can earn 5 iDollar. Each iDollar can be used to redeem for gift/voucher valued around HK$1.

5. Search Fonsapor $100 Cash Coupon from iRecycle, and redeem it using iDollar earned. You will get a coupon code, which can be used when checking out in Fonsapor's shopping cart. You may also redeem other gifts/vouchers in iRecycle as well.

Collection services include all kind of glass and plastic bottles. Please make sure bottles are cleaned and packed in advance. Due to contractual restriction, we will not collect glass bottle in Kowloon district.

To download iRecylce in app store and google play.