Our new brand name "Fonsapor" is made of 2 Latin words. “Fons” means source, stream, fresh water; and “Sapor" stands for savour, put together meaning ‘savour the source’ - a journey that we would like to invite our customers on when they look for quality water.

Latin is one of the very ancient languages known with a profound historical background. It is just like water that it exists with history and stories since the earth has been created. 

Water, as we know, is the source of all life. This essential element of life has endless possibility – from its purest form, it can be transformed into different possibilities – wine, coffee, tea, perfume and more. Same for Latin language, it is the fundamental of European languages and cultures and have played a great role in shaping the educational development of the modern world.

The similarity of these two historical subjects (Water and Latin), and the respect we hold for them inspire the creation of our brand name "Fonsapor".

Same as the name, we want our logo to demonstrate the vintage and historical concept of water. Hence the logo design references to the word water of a Chinese historical language - Oracle (甲骨文). The layout of the four water drops plus the blank water flow shape in the middle comprises the word water in Oracle.

One of our key missions is to bring in water and culture from the west. We put the Oracle logo in the right (East) and the Latin brand name in the left (West) represents integration of the East and West in our logo. The four water drops are all pointing to an inner direction, meaning that we put together all good water centrally toward Fonsapor.

We have also added a tagline: “Drops of Taste”. Drops implies the water droplets - from the rain, from the river, from the tap, from the bottles, and so on… Taste does not only stand literally for the taste for your tastebuds, but also means a taste of quality lifestyles, that relates to our customers who value their lifestyles and well-being.

As we invite our customers on a journey of “savour the source”, it is our promise that each drops of water that found available at Fonsapor is “Drops of Taste” - both quality and tasty.