Pedras (750ml) Natural Sparkling Mineral Water - Case/12 Bottles

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Originated from Pedras Salgadas in Portugal, Pedras is a natural mineral water 100 % naturally carbonated and with a distinct and refreshing flavour that provides well-being and is a pleasure to drink on any occasion.Only 0.5% of the waters in the world share this trait – natural carbonated mineral water.

The springs of Pedras Salgadas were known since Roman times. In 1884, the spring was visited by the Queen D. Maria Pia. In 1893, the process of bottling got under way. Pedras comes from the north east of Portugal,on a totally isolated plateau, free from any kind of pollutant, in a region of rare beauty and environmental purity.

The water takes about ten years to cross the different layers of granite that filter it and enrich it with minerals, endowing it with the properties that make it into the market leader of Portugal's sparkling waters. Pedras is a natural and healthy drink ideal for drinking throughout the day, perfect for drinking at meal times.

Typical Analysis (mg/L)

Calcium       102
Magnesium  24
Sodium         577
Silica             62
Potassium    29
Bicarbonate 1983
Sulfate          6
Chloride      30