Orezza (330ml) Natural Mineral Water (Sparkling) - Case/24 Bottles

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- Water for Monaco Royal Family
- Water source is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
- Government's restriction on export of 3 million bottles
- Rich in minerals, good for human health
- Natural sparkling, lively bubbles, and well-balanced taste
- Ideal to drink chilled

Orezza comes from Napoleon’s homeland:Corsica, an island known for its beautiful mountains and ecological preservation, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each drop of Orezza has undergone the journey from high valley to strata at approximately 70 meters deep. It absorbs dissolved minerals,precipitated for million years, and natural carbon dioxide from the rock. About 45 years later, the Orezza water rises back to the surface via the spring.Since Orezza is only available under the limitation of the government legislation, its purity and excellent quality are undeniable. Due to the scarcity and water resources protection, the annual production is limited to 10.5 million bottles, and the export to countries outside Europe is limited to 3 million bottles per year. It is the water for the royal family of Monaco.

Orezza water is rich in minerals and on top of that, with government legislation to protect the water sources in its original form together with the management organization’s continuous study of its effects on human disorders. So far, Orezza is the world’s well-know natural sparkling mineral water with concrete therapeutic effects.

In the late nineteenth century, Orezza has already set up natural mineral water baths, showers and massage facilities.Through the hydrotherapy spa, anemia, nervous disorders, malaria and liver and kidney disorders were improved.

Typical Analysis (mg/L)

Calcium        185
Magnesium  16.5
Sodium         6.9
Potassium    1.55
Bicarbonate  710
Chloride       10
Sulfate          14
Fluoride        0.17