Solan De Cabras (1L) Natural Mineral Water (Still) Glass - Case/6 Bottles

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Born in 1790, Solan De Cabras is one of the Spain best known premium water brands. The water source is in the Villa de Beteta, and it is most recommended water by Spanish healthcare professionals. Many centuries ago, in Roman Spain, Solan de Cabras water was already credited with curative properties. In 1826, The Majesties King Fernando VII and Queen Consort María Josefa de Sajonia travelled to the spring seeking a cure to Queen’s infertility.

The distinctive packaging in blue bottles is an unique and recognizable packaging. The water is characterized as low sodium content, and relatively higher concentration of magnesium, which is deal for low-sodium diets, and suitable for pregnant women and infant feeding. Also, there is continuous study of the water effect to treat digestive system disorders, liver deficiencies and help to expel kidney stones.

As to safety and quality assurance, constant controls and multiple daily analysis are undertaken.

Typical Analysis (mg/L)

Calcium                   60

Magnesium             27

Sodium                   5

Bicarbonate            284

Chloride                  9

Potassium               1

Sulphate                 22

Silica                        8