About Us

Founded by Mr. Ivan Lee, the First Certified Water Sommelier in Hong Kong, Aqua House is the very first premier natural mineral water specialist company in Hong Kong. We supply 15 excellent waters brands globally from 10 countries to our clients (ranging from homes, businesses, offices, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, tea shops and event organisers) to meet their growing demands for high-end natural mineral waters. We take pride in our wide range of brands and the quality of waters we provide.

We offer free water consultancy service to general public. Through raising knowledge of water and improving water drinking habit, we aim to improve general public's health condition. The First Hong Kong Certified Water Sommelier Mr. Ivan Lee has track record to improve people health's condition through matching right water for individuals. He has also helped parents to resolve the issue of their children being reluctance to drink water.

We understand consumers are looking for clean, natural, and high quality water for both hydration and health purposes.We also understand consumers have growing awareness on environmental impact.Therefore, we have designed Eco-pack to collect used glass bottles from our customers for recycling to minimize the environmental impact. Used bottles will be delivered to a vendor who is appointed by the HKSAR government for glass recycling. “Water is the gift of nature. Hence we have the responsibility to protect the nature as our giving back.”

“While our customers can enjoy high quality natural mineral water and its health benefits, they contribute to its recycling process and do not have to worry about the environmental impact. This is the lifestyle we help our customers to adopt.” Using Eco-pack in home and office symbolizes a style of health and quality. It also manifests the attitude and contribution toward environmental protection.

What is Eco-pack

Eco-pack is exclusively designed by Aqua House. It is used for packing and delivering water (in glass bottle) to customers.

The terms ”Eco” is reflective of an important function of Eco-pack – environment protection and being eco-friendly. Simply key in "Eco Pack" in Remarks for Shop field to indicate that you would like to use our glass bottles recycle services, we will use Eco Pack to pack your waters, and deliver to your location. After enjoyed our quality water, all you need to do is just putting the empty glass bottles in Eco-pack, Aqua House will collect Eco-pack and used bottles in the next order delivery. Used bottles will be delivered to an HKSAR government’s vendor for recycling.

While environmental impact of bottled water consumption is being concerned globally, Aqua House takes the very first move to introduce Eco-pack, which writes a new chapter in the history of bottled water industry.

You may also get a private Eco-pack for your personal daily use, please click here.