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Free Water Consultancy for Public

There are many different kinds of water in the market. It is not unusual to see that people is unsure about what water is right for them. We understand that consumers want to find water that suits them the best, in terms of body condition, health objectives, taste preference, and so on. Our Certified Water Sommeliers will provide free consultation to help you to find your taste and tailor your preferences by helping refine your options such as mouthfeel (palate), carbonation, minerality, and so on. If you or your beloved ones hesitate to drink water for any reason, our Certified Water Sommelier, could assist and find the proper choice of water by tracking your habit.

For enquiry, please email your name and contact number to:, subject line: "Water Consultancy Service".

Water Seminar

We also understand that general public’s health consciousness is increasing. People is keen to learn about water and how it can impact and improve our health conditions. Therefore, we will provide seminar to talk about water knowledge – practical water tasting sessions will be included in the agenda as well.

Details of seminar will be advised in due course. If you are interested, please email to for reservation, subject line "Water Seminar".