Åre (750ml) Natural Mineral Water (Still) - Case/6 Bottles

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-Low sodium content, suitable for heart disease and hypertensionissues
-Excellent tea and coffee maker, in particular delightful mouthfeel
-One of few water sources obtained national approval and certification
-Awarded the prestigious Gold by the AVPA in France

Åre is located in the famous ski resort village Åre, in north part of Sweden. The Åre Mountain (Åreskutan), the village and valley started to be visited for its clean air and pure water, already back in 1882 when the first railway was built. Åre Källa, a well protected underground source from where the water is tapped is one of only 11 Certified Natural Mineral Water Springs in Sweden. Untouched by man, Åre's clean and pristine mountain landscape offer a good environment for the water where layers of rock and sand, which have been created by the ice age, allows for good filtration of the water and is therefore protected from external influences.

Åre Natural Mineral Water is delicious, well-balanced and have health advantages due to low nitrates and sodium content. Åre Water was awarded Gold for best STILL and SPARKLING water at AVPA 2018 in France. Nothing has been removed or added except carbonic acid in sparkling water and natural aromas in some products.

Åre water is analysed as Virginality Superior, Minerality LOW, Orientation Hint of sweet, Hardness Moderately HARD, TDS 110 mg/liter, and PH factor 7.6. Åre Water is currently distributed in Sweden, France, Monte Carlo and Hong Kong.

Typical Analysis (mg/L)

Bicarbonate           100
Calcium                  35
Magnesium            2
sodium                   2
Chloride                 2
Sulfate                   10
Potassium              1