Luxury Water Set

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Each Water Set contains 10 bottles of natural mineral water from 8 countries (Europe and New Zealand). Sense the taste of nature and health from Europe and New Zealand at home. 

Water brands in Christmas Water Set include:
- France: Orezza Natural Sparkling Water 330ml and 500ml (1 bottle each)
- Germany: Gerolsteiner Still Water 750ml (New product)
- Finalnd: Vellamo Still Water 750ml (New product)
- New Zealand: nakd Still Water 750ml
- Italy: Solé Arte Still Water 750ml
- Portugal: Pedras Natural Sparkling Water 750ml
- Sweden: Åre Sparkling Water 750ml
- Scotland: Speyside Glenlivet Sparkling Water 750ml
- New Zealand: antipodes Still Water 1000ml

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