Svalbarði (750ml) Polar Iceberg Water - Glass

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  • Sourced from 4,000 years vintage iceberg in the North Pole
  • Limited production of 13,000 bottles
  • Premium extra flint glass and rare arctic driftwood wood cap
  • Upmost purity, soft and smooth on the palate, hints of sweet taste
  • The magnetic energy from the North Pole is highly respected by Feng Shui Masters

Svalbarði is one of Europe's last great wildernesses. It is located in the purest of icebergs in Kongsfjorden, just 1,000 km from the North Pole at 79° north. Svalbarði is harvested from icebergs freshly calved off glaciers. This pristine ice, locked up for millennia and fresh as the day it fell as snow, is captured during its brief few months of life before it melts forever. 15 tonnes of ice is gathered by the Svalbarði crew. The ice is then gently melted in a specially constructed machine and bottled by hand, capturing the best drinking water in its cleanest form. In order to retain the water’s natural composition and premium taste, no chemistry-altering filters are used, only micron filters and UV light to adhere to international standards. Each expedition yields 13,000 bottles of pure drinking water; each batch is therefore a limited edition. To ensure that the quality of water is not affected by the logistic process, all water is couriered to Hong Kong by air.

The bottle is hand-made from premium extra flint glass, and a wood cap in the image of rare arctic driftwood. The design stands out in fine dining environments, it also has a lovely presence when used in social gatherings and makes a lovely gift for those seeking the finest rarities.

Based in the Arctic outpost of Longyearbyen– an important centre for global warming research – Svalbarði is an environmentally friendly company with a marked interest in raising awareness for polar and climatic research.