Theoni Natural Mineral Water (Still) - 10L Water Bag in Box

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The water comes in eco-friendly recyclable cardboard packaging and a recyclable water bag inside the cardboard. The specially designed packaging protects the water from light and air, which ensures that its taste is not altered and keeps the water cool for a long period, up to 4 weeks after opening.

- 1100 meters deep natural water source
- Low in sodium
- Suitable for making baby food and pet
- Hint of sweet taste and smooth mouthfeel

Theoni is mineral water emerging from the natural Goura Spring at an altitude of 1100 meters in the Agrafa Mountain Range. Far from any human activity, the water is bottled directly at the source without any additives. In this way, it preserves its natural characteristics.

The water got its name from the fairy Theoni, who accordingly to the local legend, is a type of female spirit protecting the Goura Spring. According to legend, when the fairy heard the shepherd's flute melodic sound, she will dance, sing, and sprinkled with the "magic" water of the spring, which will take away people’s sorrows.

Theoni has been the leading Greek Natural Mineral Water with more than 60 International Quality and Taste Awards. Also, Theoni has successfully passed all the necessary procedures, tests, and analysis in French accredited analysis laboratories and specialized institutes. It has been recognized in France and Germany as suitable for use when preparing baby food.


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